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With the Zika virus being transmitted through mosquitoes, everyone is pushing repellents containing DEET. This chemical is absorbed into the blood stream through the skin, and can be harmful for pets, children or expectant mothers. Even this Geraniol that’s has been proven harmful as a severe eye irritant and also for the skin and it attracts bees because it smells like roses. No product can claim you will never be bitten by a mosquito or contract a virus.  
*Lemon Zapper (TM) has been tested and proven up to 88-100% effective helping to keep the pesky insects away without the worry of chemicals or preservatives for up to and at least 6 hours . With only natural ingredients being absorbed into your bloodstream, you and your family can feel safe. Frequent applications are recommended when using natural mosquito repellents which uses natural ingredients, usually a couple of applications will do it and depending on how long you are outdoors.
* Remember that mosquitos are attracted to CO2 (carbon dioxide which is in our exhale breath) sweet smells, cologne, perfumes, strong smells, lactic acid production (sweat) the smellier a person is the more attractive they are to the mosquito and the older the sweat the sweeter you are to the pesky insect. 


  *I go camping a lot and bring friends, the Lemon Zapper worked great for simple camping. We did have to reach for the Deet for the horse flies and black flies. - Joey
*This is my second order and it truly works. What I like best is not only does it repels mosquitoes, it is a replenishing lotion for you skin! I don't have to worry about using too much or putting it on children and pets. Smells nice too. - Greg & Jean Totz
 *I was so impressed with the Pet Protect that I had to get some for my neighbors dog. I noticed that after one or two quick sprays, my dog's hot spots stopped bothering her instantly. It also helps with flying insects around her face. It's really a great product! - Penny Boutwell



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FDA considers our Lemon Zapper products as Personal Care and they do not suggest returns with such products because they are normally opened can be tampered with easily.

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