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Air Ink Studios is very proud to provide the freshest and safe ingredients we are a lab-direct company, which¬†insures no middle man. The savings are passed directly on to our customers. Enjoy the outdoors with all natural LEMON ZAPPER mosquito repellent. You may want to go outside and stay there all day! 

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We have Lemon Zapper trial kits small and large 4 oz - seen on our ' Shop ' page


Our Mission is your happiness.


100 % FDA approved ingredients.


American made natural & pure !





 *My sister and I go fishing in the Florida mangroves and we have tried numerous products claiming the same but these did not hold a candle to the Lemon Zapper; IT WORKED, especially the lotion and spray combo - Sue
  *My personal favorite is you don't smell up your clothes or stain your bedding. - rebecca
  *Recently moved into a home that has a ditch behind it - mosquitoes galore!!! I used Lemon Zapper and survived my yard work without bites. I use it on my grand kids, who mosquitoes seem to adore biting, works well. In Florida it is great to have a natural product that actually works to repel mosquitoes. - Sue Gambrell
  *The mosquito repellent lotion is unbelievable. It's smooth, not smelly, not itchy, soaks in and it works! My favorite! - Penn Boutwell 

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FDA considers our Lemon Zapper products as Personal Care. Under FDA compliance they do not suggest returns for safety reasons.

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