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Our company, Air Ink Studios, an American LLC.  Air Ink Studios.com has been providing high quality meticulously made and tested skin care products since 1979.  4 years in the making, our latest product LEMON ZAPPER, mosquito repellent was created to help with the fight against the Zika Virus.
We felt it was important to provide a safe product to apply to your skin, hair and face for all ages.  All LEMON ZAPPER products are also safe for expectant mothers and children, as well as your pets - keeping those pesky flying insects away from their face and ears.
Proven to be 88- 100% effective against the bite, a couple of applications may be necessary depending on how long you are outdoors and your skin type. 
Air Ink Studios is very proud to be a lab-direct company, which insures you've come to the right place for "fresh from the lab!"  There is no middle man. The savings are passed directly on to our customers. Enjoy the outdoors with LEMON ZAPPER mosquito repellent. You may want to go outside and stay there all day!  

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FDA considers our Lemon Zapper products as Personal Care and they do not suggest returns with such products because they are normally opened can be tampered with easily.

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